Strength Project

Stop doing the same thing, expecting different results.

Yoga/Pilates/Gyro are all fine, but they aren’t an efficient use of your time if you want greater strength and conditioning. They are too similar to what you already do.

Get out of your body-weight comfort zone. Train beyond the demands of dance. Build capacity, expand your skills, dance harder, longer, and faster.

Intentional and Intensional

Your intention is the plan. Your intension is the internal feeling of enacting that plan. We dive deep into building awareness, control, and feeling so you can expand your art.

Develop Effective strength + conditioning

You need to get stronger, like a lot stronger. So strong dance barely taxes you. It is possible, I promise. And you will maintain the aesthetic your art demands.

Uncover your compensation strategies

We all compensate for various reasons. Uncovering where, how, and why you are compensating will level up your dancing and extend your career.


Remote and Inperson Training

Monthly programming and coaching personalized to your needs. 

Only Remote Training available due to Covid-19.

Small Group Classes

Small group classes for dancers held in Denver, CO at Synapse Strength and Movement. Purchase a four class pack to get started. 

Temporarily suspended due to Covid-19.

Standard workout programs


Contact to get started