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What We Offer

Group Classes

Join a community of amazing people working hard to build strong, resilient, and reliable bodies through many movement styles.

Classes are 1 hour long and programmed in long-term blocks for effective training that makes life outside the gym better. And your coach will be there with you, helping you, cheering you on, each and every class. 

Personal Training

Do you work better one-on-one or in small groups? Or maybe you have specific fitness goals?

With 30 and 60 minute 1-on-1 or small group (2-4 people) private training sessions, you get highly personalized attention and programming to fast track your goals.

Plus, Access To

Accordion Content

Three, two-hour seminars covering the basics of training, lifestyle design, and mobility to develop an unbreakable body.

Open Gym periods for independent movement exploration.

A library of amazing books on how to challenge and develop your mind and body.

A digital database of movement instruction and travel workouts.

*In development

We have standing desks, wifi, and coffee for those times you need to get some remote work done, browse the Learning Library, or chill with some other Synapsers. 

How We Train


Push, pull, squat, hinge, rotate, and carry heavy things to build strength and power to make everything easier.


Sweat, fire-breathe, and look good naked. Endurance & metabolic conditioning are the cornerstone of fitness.


Connect the brain and body to move with grace and power. Moving well is directly correlated with better performance.


Expand & control new ranges of motion to bullet-proof your joints. Greater mobility unlocks endless possibilities.


Incorporating the chaos of play trains neuroplasticity and helps you smile more.



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