Why Synapse?

From the outside, we look like a “functional fitness” gym with pull-up rigs, barbells, and heavy things to move around. What makes us different is our exceptionally nerdy approach to fitness. We thoughtfully incorporate an endless variety of movements your body needs to help you become resilient and capable.

An analogy we love from Katy Bowman is that fitness is like nutrition. Your body needs more than fats, proteins, and carbohydrates;  it needs minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. Most fitness programs today focus on one or two macronutrients – endurance/strength/stretching.  But the body needs to be challenged with various levels of intensity, loading, and dynamics. It needs rotation, coordination, play, and stillness. All of these pieces, over time, become body awareness and control which are the foundation to building a sexy, ripped body–or whatever it is fitness means to you. Also, we don’t just administer or prescribe workouts and supervise as you move around. We listen, we observe, and we coach.

Group Classes

Private Training

Open Gym

How We Train


Push, pull, squat, hinge, rotate, and carry heavy things to build strength and power to make everything easier.


Sweat, fire-breathe, and look good naked. Endurance & metabolic conditioning are the cornerstone of fitness.


Connect the brain and body to move with grace and power. Moving well is directly correlated with better performance.


Expand & control new ranges of motion to bullet-proof your joints. Greater mobility unlocks endless possibilities.


Incorporating the chaos of play trains neuroplasticity and helps you smile more.



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