Group Classes – Join a community of amazing people working hard to build strong, resilient, and reliable bodies through many movement styles. Classes are 1 hour long and programmed in long-term blocks for effective training that makes life outside the gym better. And your coach will be there with you – demonstrating, coaching, and cheering you on!
Depending on the intent of the programming, you may lift heavy objects, develop locomotion skills, perform agility drills, train cardiovascular endurance, or practice juggling. 

We ask that you enter the gym with a  mind open to the process of learning. The goal is to improve over time. You won’t ever reach the summit because there isn’t one. There are numerous peaks and valleys to climb and descend, gaining experience and wisdom along the way. We will work hard, have fun, build community, and live better lives all for it. Also, let’s all try not to be jerks. 🙂

Private Training – Do you work better one-on-one or in small groups? Or maybe you have specific fitness goals? With 30- and 60-minute individual or small group (2-4 people) private training sessions, you get highly personalized attention and programming to fast-track your goals.

Open Gym – During these times the gym is open for you to study and train under your own command. There will be a Synapse staff present, but they are there to keep everyone safe, like a life-guard, not to coach.


Synapse Strength and Movement is outfitted with dumbbells, kettlebells, sandbags, barbells and bumper plates, medicine balls, and slam balls for all sorts of strength fun. We have two squat rigs with monkey bars, dip bars, and pull-up attachments.  There are resistance bands, gymnastics rings, and stall bars. And for that fire breathing endurance, we have stationary bikes, ski ergs, and rowers. 

We believe robustly strong and malleable feet are essential for living life fully. Synapse is a street shoeless gym. Get rid of all that foam dulling the senses of your feet, let your toes spread naturally, and feel the ground. 

For when you want to hang out we have wifi, coffee, and standing stations if you need to get some work accomplished.


We help people create more action in their lives.

A sustainable, effective movement practice is not a rote process that can be packaged in shiny marketing, administered by a drill sergeant, or motivated solely by competition. A healthy movement practice is a complex amalgam of skill, physiology, progression, and variations of intensity.

The gym is our laboratory. We use fitness as a tool in this pursuit, as well as many other approaches including movement’s opposite, stillness. 

We do the hard work of making this complexity accessible and fun. Over time, you will train all aspects that make up the breadth of human movement, learn and develop the skills needed to confidently interact with our wild world, and reap the benefits of training within a community of people trying to make the most of this amazing life

Our philosophy is inspired by many disciplines and many people. Below are some of the most impactful perspectives that shape Synapse Strength and Movement.